Marketing Mission

In 2019, our Fall advertising campaign reached over 9 million potential customers, and you help us tell our story, too. We continue to work hard to bring upgrades and options to Long Island.

In 2018, we launched the first-ever cooperative marketing campaign with Discover Long Island. We also promoted the airport and airlines serving ISP with our Spring campaign highlighting MacArthur Airport’s convenience.

In 2017, we began marketing MacArthur Airport with the Fly MacArthur campaign. Our strategy is a team approach between the airport, airlines, the community, AND our passengers. We hope you will partner with us by sharing the message with friends and colleagues. We want to tap into the incredible energy of Long Island!

The strategy is being validated by the number of seats that airlines are putting into the Long Island market. Aircraft are valuable assets, and airports must now compete for airlines and customers. Our 2018 passenger numbers showed ISP was significantly up.

The marketing approach we are unveiling reflects what airlines are telling us: we need to increase demand before they can add more service. Count on us to continue to identify, attract, and incentify new service opportunities. Our primary focus is on increasing passenger demand based on the things ISP does better than our NYC airport competitors. You really will stress less and pay less by flying MacArthur!

We base our strategy on industry and consumer research. While most survey data on ISP shows passengers know about flights to Florida, the results show we need to grow our awareness of air service to BWI and PHL and beyond. Data also shows that three-days out, ISP flight costs are less to Baltimore and Philadelphia. We believe that is a message we want to communicate. We want to convince community members driving past ISP to make a change and give us a try.

Our campaign will help us grow passenger demand by increasing awareness, targeting business travelers, and making steady improvements to the convenience and amenities the airport offers. The airport, community members, AND passengers all play a role in the success of our airport. You can help us drive demand by sharing the message, “Stress less. Pay less.”

Because we’re smaller, we can be more nimble, and alert to opportunities. We can focus on improving the customer experience at ISP. The 6,000-plus people who work at jobs rooted in MacArthur Airport can help us remind travelers to think of ISP first. Businesses can use word-of-mouth to encourage associates to Fly MacArthur. We know our energetic and inspired community will partner with us to support MacArthur Airport, by traveling on flights originating at ISP! This will build a strong case to the airlines that MacArthur is a united community and additional service is a good business decision.

In 2020, our marketing campaign will continue, and look for new information on additional marketing plans!