MacArthur Airport (ISP) and TSA Offer Travelers Convenient PreCheck –

UPDATED! Due to strong demand, a second session of mobile enrollment in TSA PreCheck will be offered at ISP for Long Island area residents November 27-December 1, 2017. Make your appointment at:

Long Island MacArthur Airport customers will enjoy an opportunity to easily enroll in the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) PreCheck program at a mobile center operating at ISP November 6–10, 2017.

The center will operate Monday–Friday from 8 AM – 12 PM and 1 PM – 5 PM. The enrollment area will be located pre-security in the Art Gallery of the airport and applicants need not be ticketed passengers. Those interested in the program can set-up an enrollment appointment online at Walk-ins are also welcome.

“We are excited to be able to offer our ISP passengers a convenient opportunity to enroll in this TSA program,” said Airport Commissioner Shelley LaRose-Arken, “This expedited screening program enables identified low-risk air travelers to enjoy a more efficient screening experience,” she added.

TSA PreCheck travelers do not need to remove shoes, 3-1-1- liquids, laptops, light outwear or belts. Those interested in the program will need to bring their online application and appointment confirmation along with proof of identity and U.S. citizen documentation to the mobile enrollment center at MacArthur Airport during the designated time period. The fee for the TSA PreCheck is $85.

“The application process is easy and TSA PreCheck is valid for five years,” LaRose-Arken explained. “It is a rare and convenient chance for our passengers to sign-up for the program close to home,” she added.

“MacArthur Airport is known for its convenience and efficient security lines. TSA PreCheck is available at 180 airports in the United States. TSA PreCheck will enable our customers to get to their gates quicker and easier than ever. We are pleased to offer a mobile enrollment opportunity at ISP that further enhances the excellent customer experience we offer,” explained Town of Islip Supervisor, Angie Carpenter.