Looking for something uplifting to share with your family at Thanksgiving? Take a moment to read this real-life tale of a local Long Island MacArthur Airport Paradies Lagardère employee who exemplifies kindness, customer care & the best of the human spirit.

Paradies Lagardére Senior Vice President Jeff Flowers; Paradies Lagardére Regional Director Brad Siedner; Paradies Lagardére Zone Manager Kathy Coots.

Manager Kathleen “Kathy” Coots came to work November 9 completely unaware she would be recognized with the company’s highest honor – the 2021 Presidential Leadership Award presented by Paradies Lagardère senior leadership.

Paradies Lagardére General Manager of Travel Retail (ISP) Ellie Burgess; Paradies Lagardére Zone Manager Kathy Coots

Why? Coots was on her way out of the Paradies Shop after the last flight when she encountered a young mother with her child near the ticket counters in obvious distress. While many would walk by, Coots approached & asked if she could help in any way. The mother explained she was supposed to fly into Connecticut but due to a delay with her first flight, she was routed to ISP, the closest airport terminal to her final destination. She was low on funds & unsure of how to get home. Coots, having young daughters & grandchildren herself, went above & beyond & gave the mother & child food, clothing, & a bed for the night. The next day, Coots’ day off, she drove them to the Port Authority Bus Terminal & bought them tickets to their final destination.

Coots is still in touch with the family & they are planning a reunion over the holidays. We hope you will join us in celebrating this wonderful example of kindness that lifts our spirits & offers another reason to give thanks. #longisland#gratitude