Image of Raleigh - Durham, NC.
Image of Tampa, FL
Beach in Fort Lauderdale, FL
View of skyline Norfolk, VA from water
Couple walking on beach in Jacksonville, FL

Fly With Our Airline Partners

Breeze Airways, Frontier Airlines and Southwest Airlines provide convenient nonstop and connecting flights from Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP).

Current non-stop destinations include Baltimore/Washington, Atlanta, Charleston, Fort Lauderdale, Myrtle Beach, Fort Myers, Norfolk, Orlando, Palm Beach, Raleigh-Durham, Richmond, Tampa, Vero Beach, and Portland, Maine. Connecting service across the U.S. and beyond, MacArthur Airport is convenient for our local travelers and warmly welcomes our Long Island visitors.

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Today’s Arrivals

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Flight Tracker

Flight Number City time
Southwest 2285 Baltimore/Washington 12:01 PM
Frontier 2448 West Palm Beach 12:26 PM
Southwest 2291 West Palm Beach 02:28 PM
Southwest 2930 Baltimore/Washington 03:53 PM
Frontier 3390 Ft. Lauderdale 04:43 PM
Southwest 790 Baltimore/Washington 04:49 PM
Frontier 1682 Myrtle Beach 06:21 PM
Southwest 2292 West Palm Beach 09:35 PM
Southwest 5146 Orlando 10:25 PM
Southwest 2288 Baltimore/Washington 11:05 PM
Flight Number City time
Southwest 2238 Baltimore/Washington 01:08 PM
Frontier 2447 West Palm Beach 01:45 PM
Southwest 2286 West Palm Beach 03:20 PM
Southwest 2930 Orlando 04:38 PM
Southwest 1275 Baltimore/Washington 05:55 PM
Frontier 3941 Orlando 06:05 PM
Frontier 1681 Myrtle Beach 07:11 PM