Long Island MacArthur Airport is the first airport in the world to install an air and surface pathogen reduction program that operates 24/7 in terminal areas to provide customers peace of mind. Read press release. Watch video. Watch news reports on air travel from ABCNews CBS2News and Fox5NY.

Our new Ground Transportation Center is the first building at the airport to have 24/7 pathogen reduction equipment built in throughout the facility.

The airport continues to take proactive steps to make customers feel safe and comfortable in our terminals. This includes increased disinfection and cleaning of restrooms and shuttle buses, along with frequently touched surfaces such as ticket counters and kiosks, gate areas, handrails and doorknobs. Our customers are respectfully complying with physical distancing. Our airlines are also providing protection measures at the ticket counter and gate, as well as onboard aircraft.

Additionally, Silver Defender disinfection films are featured on high-touch surfaces at the airport. Learn more.

Check out https://www.flymacarthur.com for nonstop route map. Or visit American Airlines, Breeze Airways Frontier Airlines & Southwest Airlines.

Additional Airline Safe Travel Info:

Frontier Airlines

Breeze Airways

Southwest Airlines

American Airlines

Background Information from 2020-2021 : A study released October 27, 2020 by the Harvard School of Public Health cites the transmission of Covid-19 onboard an airplane to be less than routine activities such as dining out or grocery shopping. Read the report.

Studies from the Dept of Defense/United Airlines and the International Air Travel Association has shown that – while wearing a mask – there is very minimal instance of Covid-19 transmission. Bloomberg and UT Southwestern have also been involved in research and discussion.

Additional precautions are also taking place at the security checkpoint. Keep masks on until TSA personnel ask to see your entire face. Additional quantities of hand sanitizer are allowed at this time. Two new enhancements are also now in place: TSA’s new, state-of-the-art 3-D Checkpoint Scanner and the TSA’s new Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) validates a traveler’s photo ID, and connects that information to an appropriate flight reservation prior to allowing the person to proceed through screening into the sterile area.

We are grateful to our customers, employees, the TSA and airlines for their efforts through the challenges. As always, we are urging travelers to check with their air carrier regarding any flight changes or cancellations. As people get back to travel, MacArthur Airport is ready… with the extra space and convenience to offer peace of mind and comfort.

The Short Term and Long Term Parking Lots are open, with convenient spaces available. The Economy Lot is currently closed.

The Resident Parking sticker walk-in program is suspended. Residents are still able to send applications in via mail and can download the form.

To download a copy of the Resident Parking Permit form, or for more information, please click the link.

For additional information or to have questions answered regarding the resident parking program, kindly contact our Resident Parking office.

Health experts recommend frequently washing your hands and avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth – as the best ways to prevent illness.


TSA Information: @AskTSA information allows your to contact TSA on Facebook Messenger, and @TSA on Twitter has helpful information and videos for flyers.

From left to right Nov 17, 2020: Lou Dioniso, Managing Director, AFC Urgent Care; Shelley LaRose-Arken, Airport Commissioner; Angie Carpenter, Islip Town Supervisor; Rob Schneider, Deputy Commissioner; Dr. Robert Levy, AFC Urgent Care; Dr. Daniel La, Medical Director, AFC Urgent Care; Justin Schwartz, Managing Director, AFC Urgent Care.

The airport began offered on-the-spot COVID test signups through American Family Care (AFC) in November of 2020. AFC has four locations on Long Island and offers rapid testing as well as PCR. Learn more here. Watch the You Tube video press conference. Note: Testing is no longer available at the airport.