Long Island Unites In Support for FAA Infrastructure Funding at MacArthur

Town of Islip Supervisor Angie Carpenter, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, and NY Senator Monica Martinez are joined by Town of Islip leaders, airport staff, and Long Island business leaders in support of ISP’s bid for FAA funding.

Federal, state and local leaders came together on February 21 to urge FAA support for Airport Improvement Project (AIP) grant funding at ISP. The grants are earmarked for airport infrastructure improvement. The FAA funding would be used for redevelopment of the west concourse, a facility for U.S. customs and border protection, and additional improvements.

Thank you to all the leaders turning out in support of funding from FAA for infrastructure and capital improvements at MacArthur Airport.

Additional Information:

1)      Rehabilitate West Terminal Apron

  1. a) Background
  2. The project will consist of a mill and overlay of the deteriorating concrete associated with the west concourse to extend its useful life for the next 20-years. The current Pavement Classification Index (PCI) range for the west apron indicates significant overloading of the pavement by the current aircraft fleet mix.  The pavement will be rehabilitated to withstand the daily use of Aircraft Design Group (ADG) III operations.

2)      West Concourse Redevelopment

  1. a) Background
  2. The redevelopment of the west concourse is to accommodate the increased number of passengers and baggage moving through the terminal building.  This project includes a two-level building, 3 contact gates with Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBB) from the second level, and a build out of a Federal Inspection Station (FIS) with a General Aviation Facility (GAF) for United States Customs and Border Protection.  The newly developed west concourse will be designed to replicate the east concourse.  The west concourse redevelopment program includes the demolition of the existing west concourse and its associated infrastructure.  The construction of the new west concourse will be a 2-level concourse approximately 50,000SF for each floor (100,000SF total) and will be capable of accommodating ADG III operations.

3)      Improve Main Terminal Building

  1. a) Background
  2. The improvements to main terminal building includes the demolition and replacement of the 4 baggage carousels which occupy approximately 12,000SF of the main terminal.  The demolition and replacement of the existing main terminal roof.  The demolition and replacement of the front vestibule doors with newly installed air curtains to retain heat and air conditioning.

The project below is not part of our application to the FAA through the Omnibus Act of 2018, but the connection from the Ground Vehicle Transportation Center (GVTC) to the main terminal funding was just announced by Governor Cuomo as well.

4)      Ground Vehicle Transportation Center (GVTC)

  1. a) Background
  2. This project consists of the renovation of an existing building which was constructed in 1985 as an FAA Automated Flight Service Station (AFSS).  Renovations to the building and parking lots are necessary to accommodate the ground vehicle transportation providers. The building will be utilized by rental car agencies, on-site taxi concession, AutoPlane (an existing company that shuttles vehicles to Florida), the Suffolk County Transit Bus, and the pickup/drop-off point for the Long Island Railroad Shuttle as well Ride Hailing providers such as Uber and Lyft. The project includes; building modernization to accommodate the transportation needs of travelers, parking, ready return spaces, and an enclosed passenger walkway (HVAC included in walkway) connecting the (GVTC) to main terminal security checkpoint.