It’s great to see the engagement and passion for Long Island MacArthur Airport on social media and in the news since our March 23 event launching our new marketing strategy. We are hearing and reading with interest the many requests for new air service from Long Island customers. Nothing would make us happier than to fulfill some or ALL of those requests!

From left to right: Kevin Law, President of Long Island Association; Mitch Pally, CEO of Long Island Builders Institute; Islip Town Supervisor, Angie Carpenter; MacArthur Airport Commissioner Shelley LaRose-Arken, and Nate Barker, Manager of Network Planning, Southwest Airlines. Photo credit: Town of Islip

This is the long-term goal for our marketing strategy at ISP: Attract the kind of additional service that Long Island residents want and will support.

In the aviation industry, we refer to this process as Air Service Development, or simply ASD. Air Service Development often seems like a Catch-22 – a tricky challenge that seems illogical and contradictory.

  • The airlines repeatedly tell us that the best way to convince them to grow at ISP is to attract more customers to the airport.
  • ISP customers tell us they don’t always fly MacArthur because they can’t find nonstops routes to their destinations.

At ISP this Catch-22 circular dilemma is especially frustrating. Because of our proximity to large airports where airlines make big strategic bets, it’s difficult to convince them to give ISP a try. Airlines expect a compelling case to try anything new.

That’s where YOU come in! ISP is smaller. We get it. We think that’s a really good selling point. Flying MacArthur is calming and comfortable. We are a hometown airport in a big city world. We’re ready to work hard to earn your loyalty. We want you to think of ISP first, and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to do the same. We double-down on our amazing community.

We cannot control airline decisions. However, our discussions with airline decision-makers are continuous and ongoing. We believe airlines will see our social media and your supportive comments on Facebook. Airlines will notice the business attitude, community support, and customer loyalty at ISP. Airlines are aware of our Fly MacArthur marketing strategy.

Air Service Development is an ongoing process. We will not see results overnight. We will see seasonal setbacks. However, we strongly believe ASD and marketing is the surest path to success. We are working hard to optimize our amazing community asset. Be part of the solution and success! Thanks for visiting our new website,, and for booking your next flight through ISP. 

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