Southwest Airlines People provide smiles and service at Long Island MacArthur Airport.

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Why do you Fly MacArthur? For some passengers, it’s the convenient location that saves them time and money. For others it’s because our airport is less hectic and stressful.

Another important benefit of Flying MacArthur? The welcoming faces of the employees who work here.

The airport’s economic impact study reveals roughly 6,000 people work directly or indirectly because of ISP. In addition to the airlines providing service here, our airport creates jobs for employees at rental car agencies, area hotels, aircraft charter and training companies, concessions, and more.

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Local businesses develop jobs thanks to MacArthur Airport, and Fortune 1000 companies in the area utilize our facility for travel. Tourism-related enterprises – large and small – enjoy the impact of having this vibrant resource. Our airport helps attract new business and investment in the Long Island area.

In addition to providing the welcoming environment at our home-town airport, the jobs the airport creates generates approximately $577 million in expenditures and economic activity for the area.

We want to thank all airport-related employees for representing MacArthur Airport with a smile and a friendly face every day of the year. You are a big part of our success! Thank you for knowing so many of our loyal customers by name and representing our airport in such a positive way. We believe your friendly customer service is just another thing that ISP does better than its competitors!

Thanks to the entire Long Island community for your support of MacArthur Airport. Help us spread the word about our flights and the jobs and economic benefit they create! #flymacArthur #stresslesspayless

Source: New York State Economic Impacts of Aviation reflects the most recent data available (collected in 2010, and updated in 2012 because of the economy’s condition.) While the airline industry has changed significantly since the report, the primary element remains the same… MacArthur Airport contributes mightily to the economy of our area and provides thousands of jobs to our residents. ISP is an economic powerhouse for Long Island, which makes our efforts to increase airline service more important than ever.